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Mandy Hough is the owner and creator of Rooted In Ethics. She is, first and foremost, a mother to four beautiful children. Prior to having a family, she worked full-time preparing contracts and proposals for the sales department of a local company while pursuing her degree. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma in 2010, just six months after her first son was born. She has worked in various positions in the accounting field over the past 10 years that include everything from setting up QuickBooks® for a financial planning company to working as a Staff Accountant for a CPA firm managing multiple books and running payroll. She also worked under a VP of Finance in Pittsburg, Kansas doing invoicing and auditing for a short line railroad company. 

She has integrity, is honest to a fault, and takes her fiduciary responsibility as a bookkeeper very seriously. It is her goal to help other business owners become more confident in their company’s finances, while also helping them to pinpoint potential areas of growth. She has the ability to identify areas where automation can be integrated, as well as, streamline business processes to make the back end of the business run more smoothly. She is passionate, detail orientated and very dedicated to her clients. Contact Rooted In Ethics today for a free consultation.

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This is a company that has been in the works for a long time. Mandy is often inspired by trees and nature. What is amazing about trees is that the simplicity of what is above ground can not be compared to the intricate maze of roots underground, keeping the tree alive, feeding it, supporting it and even spreading and birthing new trees. The roots can often act as steps while hiking and are used as markers for trails so hikers don’t get lost on their way. We often don’t see the behind the scenes of running a business, whether it be a shop that sells cupcakes, a wedding photographer out on location, or a website designer working from home. The staff at Rooted In Ethics is here to cultivate those roots behind the scenes and help guide you down the path towards success.

We are deeply connected to our roots, which consist of honesty, integrity and a determination to help others be successful. If your business does not thrive, neither can we. We depend on one another, much like a tree. If the roots are strong, the rest of the tree can often survive the greatest of circumstances.

This company was created so business owners can trust us with the care of the roots of their business, while they work on sprouting their dreams into reality. Growing, supporting, feeding, sustaining and expanding the lifework of other entrepreneurs; helping to show them the way, and guiding them down the path to success; this is our mission. Check out our services page for bookkeeping management solutions and behind the scenes operations, so that the creative minds of your business can focus on what they love. Contact us to set up a call and discuss how we can get you to your desired destination.

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